Eight Dollars, Sixteen Cents

Originally published on jillianodwyer.blogspot.com on August 8, 2012

I’ve heard about this thing called CRAFTfest for several months now.  Social media at its finest, you know.  I had checked out the links and thought, hmm … I should sign-up for that.  And then never did.  That is until last month.

 It has been an overwhelming experience.  Don’t believe me, check it out.

  • I’ve met so many talented people from all over the world that I’ve simply lost count. 
  •  I’ve gotten introduced to so many social media sites I’ve never even heard of … Wanelo, Whosin, Craft Juice, Behance, ??? … my head hurts trying to remember all of the names of them. 
  •  I’ve received so many social media marketing tips that I started writing them all down and organizing them old-school fashion on legal paper. 
  •  I’m in the process of uploading every piece of inventory I have into my Etsy shop, so I can have them ready to set-up in my CRAFTfest stall. 
  •  I visited my forgotten Twitter account and actually started posting tweets.
  • I linked my blog and newly created Behance portfolio to my LinkedIn account.

My head spins just thinking about it all especially when I know there are things I’ve forgotten in my list.  I wouldn’t trade the craziness for anything.  I feel like I’m actually on the right track with the online portion of my business for the first time.  I even have the social media stat improvements to show for all my efforts.

 Let me tell you more about the inspiration, if you will, behind all this flurry of activity:  CRAFTfest.

 CRAFTfest is a week long online art and craft show.  The next show runs from September 1st through September 8th.  Unlike other shows I participate in my stall is set-up and ready to be viewed 24/7 during the event.  Psst … a little secret?  It’s actually up and active now if you want to stop by to browse.

 Not local?

 No problem!  The event is online and shipping is available to anywhere in the world.


 No problem!  Just let me know to knock off the shipping fees.  I’m happy to meet you with your purchase.


 Optional!  Although not if you’re meeting me to pick up a purchase.  : )

 So, put aside some time the first week of September and come browse through the stalls of the 155 and counting confirmed stall holders.  Stall holders come from around the world and offer a wide range of products.

From Lu at Handmade in Keswick to Rachael at Jewellery By Jora

There is something for everyone including JillyBeanPottery fans.  I think it just might be the best $8.16 I’ve ever spent.

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