Airplanes, Elephants & Lizards – Oh My!

This past weekend I got the opportunity to be a part of the Downtown Redlands Artwalk and lead the free kids art activities at the Redlands Art Association.

It was a truly wonderful experience with tons of positive energy from all of the folks who visited the gallery as well as from the volunteers!  I thought I’d share a few of the things that made this day so great for me.

First off, was the couple who toured the gallery and were among my first clay project experimenters proving that you are never too old to play and get dirty!  The wife, a school teacher, informed me that she was planning to steal my project idea to use with her students!  Hope they have fun making lizards. : )  You can see her and her husband working on their own projects below!

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One little boy made a lizard with BIG saucer eyes!  He even left his piece behind so that it could be put on display for everyone to see it!  I made sure it got a good spot on the RAA patio shelves!


This proud grandpa was pleased as punch to make a clay hand print of his grandson’s hand!136

An elephant made without any instruction from me!  Its always great when you meet those with raw talent!


Another talented young artist destined for sculptural work in her future!  She “borrowed” some of the tools for a multi-media piece that her older brother offered to carry for her.


I wish I had been able to capture everyone’s art projects!  I especially regret not getting a photo of the airplane one little boy made.  The piece I made to show him how to make one was my first airplane out of clay too!

We also had collage journals, coloring-book style pages of the RAA’s 50th Anniversary “Love Art, Make Art” t-shirt design and a big collaborative sign for visitors to decorate!  Thanks again to all of the volunteers and folks who visited the gallery!

Stay tuned for the next artwalk – October 26th!

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