Entering the Time Warp

I’ve been working the past several weeks on a really exciting direction for my work … well, I think its exciting!  It represents, in many ways, the culmination of all of my work and experiments over the past few years.  You many have already seen some examples of my newest work if you’re following me on my social media feeds, but I wanted to take a little bit of time to share more of the behind the scenes with everyone today.

I love texture.  No, that’s not quite right.  I. LOVE. TEXTURE.  There, that’s better.

I’ve always been a texture lover.  From the squash-like creases and folds on my honey pot and jar series to re-creating the look and feel of stained glass, to me its all about the texture.  So, I guess it was inevitable that I would eventually start creating work like these bottles and, soon to come, framed tiles.

I am particularly enjoying forming my texture explosions into a bottle form.  Do you have any idea how many different types and shapes of bottles are out there?  The mind boggles. My bottles so far have been a pretty standard shape, but I’m hoping to expand that as I’ve started haunting antique stores for vintage bottle shape inspiration.

Each texture pattern is created free hand using my own handmade clay stamps as well as my collection of found objects (the subject of which is probably a whole post in itself!). I get my inspiration from a variety of places with most of my earliest designs coming from floral themes.  I created a time lapse video showing a little peak into my texture building process for you.  So, enter the time warp with me for this short video!

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