Pulled From A Pocket

When I first started creating my textured bottles, I created the designs free-hand from whatever struck my fancy that day.  Given my tendency to pull from nature inspired themes, its no surprise that they tended to be oriented in that direction featuring lots of floral and leafy images.

As I’ve been creating them, its like my mind has been given permission to run rampant in the texture department.  I’ve always created my own stamps in addition to hoarding interesting found objects for texture designs, but now I’m using my collection more and more than ever before with my bottles.

Enter a friend who is a huge wrist watch and pocket watch collector.

I’ll admit to never giving watches – wrist or otherwise – much thought.  There was certainly a time in my life when I wore one before the popularity of cell phones for the purest of functional reasons.  So, my recent exposure to a myriad of vintage time pieces has been eye opening.  The inner workings are beautifully crafted and could be works of art in their own right standing still … wound, they rival any intricate dance with their movements.

My original thought, before I knew much about watches at all, was to maybe find a broken one to use the parts inside as texture tools.  As I learned more about watches, particularly the ones that look like those pictured above, I changed directions and decided instead to use the watch images as jumping off points to guide some of my texture designs.

I’m actually really enjoying this new direction.  I feel like it gives me the ability to put my own, more organic, spin on what is a rather precise mechanism.  I’ve even started looking for other sources to use as jumping off points to inspire my texture designs.

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