Inspiration for GEARED

One of the more interesting aspects of being an artist is trying to distill your inspiration source, thoughts, ideas, etc for a show into a short and sweet artist statement. Enjoy a little preview here!SAM_0558In GEARED, I explore the interplay between the natural world’s shapes and the structured workings of pocket watches. It might seem like a strange juxtaposition, but the more I researched the gears of pocket watches the less unusual it became.

I am intrigued by the kinetic energy built up through the manual watch winding process. Taking the back off of a pocket watch and observing the movements of the gears, the pulsing of the mainspring, is mesmerizing. There is almost a sense of aliveness in the sensory experience from engaging in the interactions between all the gears.

When I am recreating a single gear, my goal is to capture a circular pattern while introducing the beauty of imperfection from the natural world. The viewer may find the imagery less mechanical than expected. In my quest to evoke the stored power of the gears I have relied upon softer, organic patterns. The lines that are created from these unique designs radiate a directional and pulsating abstraction. From imprinting the texture to the orientation of the gear, I have encouraged the viewer to investigate all sides of the form.

It is that sense of aliveness of the gears that I hope to capture in my work.

Opening reception is August 8th from 6-9 pm at The Studio Artists’ Gallery. Check out all of the details here.



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