Visiting Redlands Art Association

If you’ve ever taken one of my classes, you might have been on one of my infamous “field trips.” My field trips vary from simple trips to the studio kitchen to examine mug handles and discuss functionality to more involved off-site ones to find unusual clay tools. I thought I’d continue the series here, on my blog, for others to get some insight into my creative process and inspiration sources.

Today’s field trip is to the Redlands Art Association (RAA). Located on State Street in downtown Redlands, CA, it is a non-profit artist co-op and art education organization.

I’ve been involved in RAA since 2011 and am currently a youth art instructor there and show my artwork. Like many non-profit artist co-ops, it is a great place for artists to get their start and experience in showing their work to the public. All you need to do is join as a Friend of RAA to be able to participate in shows. Friends of RAA can also propose solo show ideas for the gallery’s featured artist corner. In fact, I’m having my Featured Artist show there starting January 23rd and continuing through February 13th.

Let’s take a look inside the gallery!


First, let’s check out the West Gallery and take a look at all of the artwork there.


There’s Sandy! She is one of RAA’s Gallery Coordinators and helps to greet customers, ring up artwork sales and much more. She is also RAA’s Publicity and Events Chair, so she is involved in lots of the great things RAA does with artists out in the community. I don’t think she realized I got her in my photo! : )

One of the first things you see when just walking in to the gallery is a hanging panel with the work of the current Featured Artist. During my trip the gallery was featuring the work of Claire Heaslip. Her work is one of my favorites!


A few more shots of the West Gallery.

IMG_2696 IMG_2695

A few close-ups of some of the work by Friends of RAA artists.

From Left to Right: Deborah George, Dan Soury, Ruth Woods, Vlad Voytilla/Won Madeline Koh/Jillian O’Dwyer (me!)

As you can see, Friends of RAA work in a wide variety of mediums and create all sorts of functional and sculptural works of art.

Let’s head over to the East Gallery!


On the way to the East Gallery, you can see that RAA features books, etc by local artists as well in addition to artwork.


The East Gallery serves a dual purpose. In addition to wall space for even more wonderful works of art, it serves as a place for youth and adult classes, workshops, monthly program lectures and other events! All is quiet and calm  … and clean! … right now, but during the middle of any of the classes RAA offers this room takes on a quite different vibe.

One of the best parts of the East Gallery is a wall in the back that features artwork by local artists of Redlands! The Redlands Wall is one of my favorite collections each show.


Youth Art classes were on break when I visited, but typically there is lots of kids art hung up as well from the current classes. I did find a few animal totems waiting for pick up by one of my students from my November/December Faces in Clay class out on the patio.


The patio is accessed through sliding doors in the East Gallery and features a create piece of living art designed and planted by Carol Pancer, a local master gardener and ceramic artist.


It is actually another of my favorite spots this beautiful vertical garden. It reminds me that each spring the gallery participates in the annual Redlands Garden Tour by hosting local florists’ arrangements. Each florist picks out a piece of artwork in the gallery and designs a living art arrangement to compliment it. It is an annual spring time event not to be missed! This year’s garden tour is in April, so be sure to check it out.

Hope you’ve enjoyed a little peek inside the Redlands Art Association. You can see some of the behind the scenes magic that keeps it running below.

Behind The Scenes of The Redlands Art Association from Redlands Art Association on Vimeo.


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