The Why Behind the What

If I had a dollar for every time I wrote or said those exact words “why behind the what” to someone in my past career as an HR Manager, I’d be rich. Those words have definitely come back to haunt me this week.

I’m a big fan of TED talks and have gained a lot of inspiration from many of their speakers over the years. I even shared one of my all time favorites on creativity here a few weeks ago. So it wasn’t unusual to find myself digging through TED talk archives looking for inspiration … only to find myself knocked over on my ass by my own past advice to others.

Talk about karma.

Simon Sinek articulates perfectly why we all need to start with the question “Why” before answering any others. It is only after we’ve answered that question that we can even think to begin to get others to buy-in to what it is we’re doing be it art or computers or nightlights. Its sound advice and right on the money.

The problem? I’m struggling to concisely articulate my “why” for my artwork. I know I know what it is or do I? If I can’t even articulate it to myself then maybe I don’t know it. How can I articulate to others something I’m not sure I know? My goal this week is to figure it out.

You can see Simon’s talk yourself here.

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