Unintentional Pants

I typed the title to this blog post and had to stop for a minute before I could start the post itself – I was laughing too much about pants. Yep, that’s right, you heard me – pants!

Never in all of the time I’ve been doing ceramics would I have thought I’d been sitting here typing a blog post about pants. You see, I’ve rarely contemplated pants in the realm of my ceramic work unless you count having more laundry to be done with all of the clay stains I seem to accumulate. Yet here we are chatting about pants and my work.

I first starting seeing resemblances to pants after a customer pointed it out to me at a show. Setting up at a live show and sale is not for the faint of heart. When I create my work, I tend to have a vision of what I’m hoping to achieve in the piece – what I’d like others to see in it. All of my good intentions are typically dashed five minutes into a show when customers start stopping by my booth. Whether a customer engages and discusses my work directly with me or is talking to a friend or themselves (psst – I can hear you), I always gain a lot about how my art is viewed from those experiences.

I’m philosophical about it. What better way to learn what folks really think about your work then to put it out there for the world to see and comment.

Such is the case with my favorite planter design, which I do have to agree with the many (and there are MANY) customers who think some of them look like pants! Luckily, the sentiment is that they are cute pants, always important, so I haven’t felt compelled to make any design changes. I invite you to decide for yourself. Pants or not?

You can check out even more of my planters here!

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