Blue Suede Shoes


There are many reasons why I enjoy texture. I could even go into all of them here, but instead I’ll tell you about the one you probably don’t usually hear from me. A big reason why I enjoy creating texture in my work is that it’s like a little mini walk through the experiences I encounter in my life. The stories behind how each texture pattern came to be a part of my collection are present in every single piece I create.

Sometimes the story is easy. A handmade clay stamp made from a found object. Other times the story is more complex. Each serves as a reminder that nothing is ever really ordinary. Everything has the ability to elevated to the extraordinary.

Take the blue shoe prints along the bottom of this plate. This shoe print is part of my permanent collection of texture makers and no, it’s not from one of my shoes.

I was set-up by the side of the road in front of a gallery in Running Springs collecting shoe prints from folks passing by. One person who I had previously spoken to returned and brought me the soles of two shoes he found by the side of the road. No actual shoe parts except for the rubber sole. They were rather disgusting and full of dirt and who knows what else, but … but the treads were in great shape!

I took them home and scrubbed them several times before cutting them up into pieces. I discarded the less textured parts of the soles and saved the best parts of the pattern. You’ll find pieces of these soles in many of my pieces and every time I use them I get reminded of how they came into my possession.

I love these kinds of stories. The little glimpses I get of people like the thoughtfulness of a stranger who somehow knew the perfect gift for me.

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