Introducing the Symbol Planter Series


This is a series of planters I never really expected to make. I had been trying out the stamp used to create the texture on these planters just for fun.

Every. Single. One. Sold.

So, by popular demand, I’m pleased to share the latest in my series of planters – the symbol series.

What I enjoy most about this series of work is the glaze. The Kennedy Shino glaze used for these planters is one of my favorite shino glazes and like all shinos its results are dependant on the environment in the kiln. That variation is what makes them so great! You’ll notice flashes of orange and gold, grey spots from carbon trapping and creamy whites as well on these planters. As you can see above, the planter on the left has more grey and cream tones and the one on the right is more orange and gold.

Check out the ones currently available in my online shop from every angle in small, medium and large sizes. Oh, and did I mention they look smashing with plants in them!


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