AMOCA Ceramics Annual: Biomorphic

AMOCA held its first call for artists, juried show this year with a theme of biomorphic – basically resembling or suggesting the forms of living organisms. As a theme, it encompasses so many possibilities for sculptural as well as functional forms.

This year’s juror is Cj Jilek, Assistant Director for AMOCA Ceramics Studio and whose own work, based on plant life, is biomorphic in theme as well. Be sure to check out Cj’s sculptures – they will blow you away!

The show is brimming with the work of both more established as well as emerging artists in biomorphic work.

As a texture lover, the show is an overload for the senses. From the carved textures to fuzzy flocking detail, crystal growth to mixed media additions there is something to appeal and repulse everyone. You can’t help but find a favorite – whether its the sculpture “growing” out of the ceiling or, my personal favorite, a delicate pod form on its own personal rock.

There is so much to take in that I was only able to capture a small slice of it here for you. If you’re in SoCal, be sure to stop by AMOCA to see it up close.

AMOCA Ceramics Annual: Biomorphic is up through November 27th in The Studio Artists’s Gallery at AMOCA Ceramics Studio.





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