Amber Waves of Grain


I heart this little pot! Sometimes it makes perfect sense to me why a pot may not have been snapped up at a sale, but I must admit that this one perplexes me. Its just so cute!

It is possible that I’m just a little tiny bit biased towards this particular pot. First, it was made using on of my very own handmade texture rollers. This particular texture tool I created to impress the entire texture design in one fall swoop (its the large roller pictured here). izdu3tida4al9gup8ami

Second, while I’ve created several of these type of texture rollers, this particular roller is one of my favorites! It is really versatile. The horizontal and vertical textures create a built in place for glazing (like the two toned approached I used on this planter) as well as for rounding out the belly of a piece. In addition to being a great texture, the height of the roller allows it to be used on both larger and smaller forms.

Last, I really, really love how the glazing turned out on this pot. Those of you who follow my planter styles know that I like the stained and matte finish contrast with glossy glazes. This particular combo is really striking while still being very earthy.

Maybe I’ll just have to pull this one for my own personal collection! Hmmm … I do have a couple of plants that need pots.

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