Flashback Mug

sam_1554This mug makes me laugh! It’s a perfect example of the kiln gods’ way of reminding you that you are NOT in control and sometimes ceramics happens.

That’s one thing that everyone who works in clay (or really any art medium I would imagine) has to come to accept. You can do everything “right” and it will still come out wrong. In the case of working with clay, there are so many variables from the temperature in the studio, moisture level in the air, glaze firing kiln placement, thickness of the glaze when applied, …. I could go on and on. Its enough to make you crazy if you let it.

The first defense, and its limited, is to practice, practice and practice some more every aspect of the making process from raw clay through glaze firing. Students always give me a weird look when I tell them to save every single piece they make even if it is butt ugly, but better to practice glazing, etc on the ones you hate then the ones you love in my humble opinion.

The second defense, and this one is almost fool-proof, is to make so many pots that it doesn’t matter if a few come out wonky. I also tell my students, “there’s no crying in ceramics.”

Wait until they hear the discouraging news that all the practice may not matter and you still might end up with the perfect 70’s era style mug like I did in a recent firing. It makes me laugh this friendly reminder on my lack of control from the universe.

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