In the Running for Prom Queen

This cute rustic planter with hints of blue has been my most viewed planter listing or really any listing over the past few weeks. It happens occasionally that one listing will dominate the day or week in number of views, but not like this one – it has been at the top for several weeks.

As a business owner, you have to wonder just what is it about this particular planter that has garnered so much attention. Why not that planter over there that is perfectly wonderful too? How can I instill this pot’s “it” factor into all of my work?

Don’t get me wrong, I think this piece is a great. I love the texture design created using one of my own handmade stamps. I love the pattern created when the stamp repeats and I especially love the hint of blue in the center of each repeat.

I’ll leave the link to this spring’s hot new trending planter right here so you can ponder what all the fuss is about along with me!

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