I have a love/hate relationship with mugs. On one hand, they are great forms for experimentation. It’s just a mug after all, not some intricate sculpture or a large vase. At the same time though, the functionality of mugs is an extremely personal thing. A person can love a mug until they pick it up. The handle has to be just right for them. Their nose has to fit comfortably in the opening.

The best thing about my mugs are the bottoms – the absolute last thing you typically think about when thinking about mugs. All of the bottoms of my mugs are unusual in some way. One example is the form I used for this mug pictured above – it has feet! Four tiny little feet to be exact and they are loved by many mug aficionados.

I love when I hear, “I have so many handmade mugs at home I can’t possibly buy another one, but these are so different.” Forget handles and nose fit, I’m just going to keep focusing on the feet!

Check out my collection of surprisingly functional mugs with comfy handles, nose room and, oh yeah, great bottoms here!

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