Blue Gold

I was so sure about this plate when it first came out of the glaze kiln. I kept thinking to myself, why oh why did I use that combination of blues and gold-brown? I brought it home along with some other plates and filed it away in my storage container for plates. I guess I figured I’d decide what to do with it later.

A few weeks ago I was going through all of my plates to pull out work for a show at the 2nd Story Gallery at the Historic Walker House in San Dimas and found it again. Having previously decided it was strange, I went to put it in the nope pile when I took another look at it.

I noticed how nicely formed it was – a small amount of curve, but not too much. The foot is picture perfect since it was heavily photographed for a recent blog post on my plate feet. The colors don’t seem as weird to me as they first did a few weeks ago.

They say that you should live with every piece you don’t like for at least a little bit before deciding whether it’s good or not. I guess “they” whoever they are, are right.

Check out this plate along with others in my collection here.

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