Barrel Cactus

Often times during the creation process I’ll think of a particular texture pattern based on the tool I use to create it or maybe what the pattern brings to mind when I view it. Sometimes the way I refer to a particular pattern would make absolutely no sense whatsoever to any of my customers, prompting me to find a better way to describe it.

Both the best and worst parts of creating a series of work can be in the naming. It can be fun, but hard sometimes to come up with a universally recognizable title.

The texture pattern on this planter seemed the exception to the rule of difficulty. I created these lovely vertical lines using on of my own handmade texture rollers. Ever since first making this roller I have thought that the lines it created look like bamboo. Others who saw me using it always seemed to think so as well without any prompting from me. It seemed a no brainer to call this pattern my bamboo series.

That is until along came one of my former students who casually remarked when I posted the image above on Instagram that the planter looked like a barrel cactus.

Well, drat!

Now I have to decide if my original name for this texture still makes sense, or should I embrace what could be an even more recognizable and compelling title? What do you guys think??

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